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Merkel’s lost Men – Top 10

First I wanted to call this post “Merkel’s Mad Men” – but that would not have suited either: neither the top 10 lost ministers, that had to leave their political position in the past months, nor the great US American TV series about this New York advertising agency.

Anyways. So in the past months the German government, or Angela Merkel if you like, has lost even more than ten top position politicians. To pay a bit respect to this ongoing situation I have compiled a top ten list. First I’ll just post the names, later I’ll be adding the individual resignation reasons.

Here we go:

1: Christian Wulff, Ex-President
2: Horst Köhler, Ex-President
3: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Ex-Minister of Defence
4: Franz Josef Jung, Ex-Minister of Defence
5: Günther Oettinger, Ex-Governor of Baden-Württemberg
6: Roland Koch, Ex-Governor of Hessen
7: Jürgen Rüttgers, Ex-Governor of Nordrhein-Westfalen
8: Ole von Beust, Ex-Governor of Hamburg
9: Peter Müller, Ex-Governor of Saarland
10: Axel Weber, Ex-CEO/President of the German Central Bank (Bundesbank)

…to be continued…

Bye bye 60 Watts Bulb

There is nonsense and there’s nonsense – but the recent trend across Australia, Europe and the USA to ban the bulb is just plain nonsense. At least from my point of view. Rubbish.

First of all it the bulb ban hurts, when you look at it from a design point of view. An almost perfect object, form and fuction going along hand in hand, few cheap resources needed, cheap and easy in production, an easy player when it comes to recycling: some glas, some metal, something isolating in between – nothing much to fuzz about.The official reason for the ban of the bulb is actually its greatest unexpected advantage: light and warmth where you need it – when you need it – both at the same time – instantly. When the family gathers for dinner, the dinner table lamp is switched on, the bulb instantly emits light and warmth. Just like is ancient times, when the clan gathered around the fire place.And hat are we beeing offered instead? Supposedly more efficient, effective, but cold neon light bulbs, packed with semi-hightec components — an over-prized piece of hazardous waste!

Basically I have nothing against neon light – for every task one should always look for the best solution – and there are many tasks neon is currently probably the best choice: hospital corridors, construction sites, street lights — all situations where you just need flat and cold light and emission of heat is not really helping – and therefore a plain waste of energy.

At this point I should probably mention that I don’t need to have bulbs everywhere either – actually where I live we have mostly neon bulbs – sinces ages. But once we have a lamp embracing the bulb, we would of course want to use a bulb. Because good/intelligent design is more important than bad/stupid laws.

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Power Lies (and truths (and rumors)) (I)

Sorry, but I just can’t leave the recent public discussion about Nuclear Energy (or maybe Nuclear Power would suit better) uncommented. So here comes my first comment/lament about what I’d like to call ‘Power Lies (and truths (and rumors))’.

First of all, for those who don’t know: I grew up in a rural area in the North of Germany, known for its almost untouched nature, its friendly farmers – and a number of facilities for handling radioactive waste. The whole project is under construction since the 70ies (ongoing), but the first containers named ‘CASTOR’ are already delivered since the mid-90ies.
As long as I can think (literally) I just know that Nucluear Power is not only dangerous, but also simply the wrong way to go.

That said I’ll now come to the first (and actually my favourite) ‘Power Lie’: the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Lie:
Yes, it is true that nuclear power plants can help to reduce the production of carbon dioxide – locally. Once a nuclear power plant is all built and then fed with fuel rods (those nasty parts that radiate very actively and that get so hot that you can boil water with ‘em – which makes a nuclear power plant what it is) a it will basically only emit hot water – and therefore it does not emit carbon dioxide directly.
But until a nuclear power plant is actually built and fed with fuel rods a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted – mostly in the countries where the fuel rods are produced. To compare the actual numbers a so called ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ helps to figure out, what the actual CO2-footprint of a technology is. The exact numbers seem to vary very much though – depending on what is actually compared – and also depending on who actually paid the research.
So.. – ..maybe next time you hear someone saying something like “Nuclear Energy helps reducing carbon dioxide emissions” you can add a little “locally!“.

please feel free to browse on:
-> Greenpeace’s campain page ‘End the nuclear age’ (
-> Elena’s Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl (

some thoughts about the german elections

“..everyone’s a winner”..:)

First I was not so shure if I should really try to comment anything on Germany’s elections – but now it seems as if I’m already quite involved (e.g. with a project, which is documented in my portfolio) I’ll give it a try and post some thoughts about the current situation.. Well. Here we go..:

The first numbers are published – and it seems as if neither of the two “Dream Coalitions” can rule the country: neither the “red-green” coalition of Gerhard Schroeder’s centre-left Social Democrats Party (SPD) and the Green Party, nor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) together with the Free Democrats Party (FDP) got enough votes to form a government.

So theoretically one of the following four scenarious would still be possible:

1) the “Great Coalition”
..between Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Schroeder’s centre-left Social Democrats Party (SPD)

2) the “Traffic Light”
..between “red” (Social Democrats Party SPD), “yellow” (Free Democrats FDP) and “green” (the Green Party)

3) the “black-yellow-green” coalition
..because of the colors it’s also sometimes called the “Jamaikan Coalition”..: between “black” (Christian Democrats CDU/CSU), “yellow” (Free Democrats FDP) and “green” (the Green Party)

4) the “red-red” coalition
..between the Social Democrats Party SPD and the left-wing “PDS/Linke”

At the very moment neither of the four scenarions seems to be possible – or let’s rather say “wanted”. At least if you listen to what “they” say on TV..:) be continued..

Time for… (”Zeit für..”)

sooo… this was the other picture i wanted to upload for Your very viewing pleasures :)
The poster – or whatever is left – used to say “Zeit für Taten” … which means something like “Time for Action” … which again was taken quite serious by somebody :) but since it’s a poster of the bavarian right wing party it is not that dramatic. I mean there were alwayss these misunderstandings between the bavarian people and the rest. And maybe it’s even better if these misunderstandings come out quite clear !b!e!f!o!r!e! the elections – rather than !a!f!t!e!r! the elections…
I actually dont know if you know what i mean – i can just say that it might be their own fault, if their “time for action” posters are taken apart – since their campain seems not to be 100% clear to the people and they obviously understand it their ways anyways :)

and tomorrow (in a few hours) i will go to my local voting booth and decide about germany’s future governmen. ouch!
Actually i only found out on CNN how important my HomeZone seems to be – since it’s not clear, if the PDS is -in- or -out- … and that again might decide about the majorities and minorities and the all the rest…

ok. now it’s time to go to sleep – so that i won’t make any mistakes tomorrow X]

gdnght, t_;_,_,___ _ _ _