Time for… (”Zeit für..”)

sooo… this was the other picture i wanted to upload for Your very viewing pleasures :)
The poster – or whatever is left – used to say “Zeit für Taten” … which means something like “Time for Action” … which again was taken quite serious by somebody :) but since it’s a poster of the bavarian right wing party it is not that dramatic. I mean there were alwayss these misunderstandings between the bavarian people and the rest. And maybe it’s even better if these misunderstandings come out quite clear !b!e!f!o!r!e! the elections – rather than !a!f!t!e!r! the elections…
I actually dont know if you know what i mean – i can just say that it might be their own fault, if their “time for action” posters are taken apart – since their campain seems not to be 100% clear to the people and they obviously understand it their ways anyways :)

and tomorrow (in a few hours) i will go to my local voting booth and decide about germany’s future governmen. ouch!
Actually i only found out on CNN how important my HomeZone seems to be – since it’s not clear, if the PDS is -in- or -out- … and that again might decide about the majorities and minorities and the all the rest…

ok. now it’s time to go to sleep – so that i won’t make any mistakes tomorrow X]

gdnght, t_;_,_,___ _ _ _

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