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Bye bye 60 Watts Bulb

There is nonsense and there’s nonsense – but the recent trend across Australia, Europe and the USA to ban the bulb is just plain nonsense. At least from my point of view. Rubbish.

First of all it the bulb ban hurts, when you look at it from a design point of view. An almost perfect object, form and fuction going along hand in hand, few cheap resources needed, cheap and easy in production, an easy player when it comes to recycling: some glas, some metal, something isolating in between – nothing much to fuzz about.The official reason for the ban of the bulb is actually its greatest unexpected advantage: light and warmth where you need it – when you need it – both at the same time – instantly. When the family gathers for dinner, the dinner table lamp is switched on, the bulb instantly emits light and warmth. Just like is ancient times, when the clan gathered around the fire place.And hat are we beeing offered instead? Supposedly more efficient, effective, but cold neon light bulbs, packed with semi-hightec components — an over-prized piece of hazardous waste!

Basically I have nothing against neon light – for every task one should always look for the best solution – and there are many tasks neon is currently probably the best choice: hospital corridors, construction sites, street lights — all situations where you just need flat and cold light and emission of heat is not really helping – and therefore a plain waste of energy.

At this point I should probably mention that I don’t need to have bulbs everywhere either – actually where I live we have mostly neon bulbs – sinces ages. But once we have a lamp embracing the bulb, we would of course want to use a bulb. Because good/intelligent design is more important than bad/stupid laws.

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Green Power and Black Sheep

basically I don’t have anything against Black Sheep – the opposite is actually the case: not so long time ago Environmentalists, Globalisation-Sceptics, Human-Rights-, Anti-Nuclear- and other Activists and even members of the Green Party were sometimes treated like ‘Black Sheep’…

Nowadays hopefully nobody really wants to doupt that fossil fuels are limited, nuclear power is not such a good idea – and sooner or later we will have to move on and switch to alternative, renewable, regenerative – green sources of enery such as wind, water and solar power.

Actually these ‘natural/green’ power sources are currently so popular in Germany, that the demand can hardly be satisfied by the ‘natural/green’ power plants in operation today. This is obviously not the wind’s or the sun’s fault – these two colleagues deliver way more energy than we can consume. It’s a man made mistake – we are just not collecting or ‘harvesting’ enough of that energy.

What to do…? Some German newspapers ( Tagesspiegel and Spiegel-Online) recently reported, that one of the big players in German green power business recently found a pretty easy though not-so-green way out, bought some not-so-green kilowatt hours of coal and nuclear generated electric power and re-sold it under their green label. Well well.

And what do we learn from this…? First of all: there is also some Black Sheep among the Greens – but that we already knew at least since that ‘clever’ Swedish man not only collected money to preserve forests in South America, but then also cut down and sold some hundrets of thousands of trees – and finally was sentenced to pay a 177 Millionen Dollar fine (see also -> german newspaper Tagesspiegel)

…well – I’ll anyways stick with the ‘clean~’ and/or ‘green power’ company called Naturstrom AG – they re-invest some of the money for new ‘clean~’ and/or ‘green’ power plants – so that also in the future we will hopefulle not need to use nuclear power – especially not secretly!

…powerful greetings, -t..-

Berlin Fernsehturm

Flood on the river Elbe

Picking up some things from my parents’ place close to the river Elbe, i witnessed some of the preparation…
This is also where i took this picture – showing some Red-Cross-Army-Truck approaching the “Dömitzer Brücke”.
The atmosphere in that area is tense. Since the rivers are at higher levels than ever before, everybody’s one and only subject seems to be “The Flood”. Farmers are either bringing their goods and animals to safe places or sandbags to where they’re needed most urgent. Convoys of Firefighters, THW, Police, Army, Ambulance and sand carrying Trucks come and go to every direction, rushing through villages, dominating the scene.

I actually don’t know what to write – you might have guessed that already. Compared to the floods in China and elsewhere, the european floods are rather easy to handle – but still it is a strange feeling to see your own homearea in such a state of emergency.

Only now people seem to understand some of the consequences of “The Flood”, affecting vast areas around the rivers Elbe and Donau. Since the floods moved further down the rivers, scenes of destruction are left behind. Many towns and villages, through wich the floods went, look more or less like devastated battlefields, covered by layers of nauseating contaminated mud.
The powers of the waters are the one problem, making buildings collapse, destroying roads and railways (20% of the railroad-tracks of Sachsen-Anhalt have been demolished so far). The other problem is this mud, covering the left behind areas. On the news they only say, it might be a risk for peoples health – nobody should touch it or even eat anything that was in contact with the water. There must be millions of liters of oil, thousands of dead animals, tons of chemicals and who-knows-what-else going down the rivers, endangering natural parks and of going down the drain.
It is said that many people have lost “everything” but their lives – although it is not possible yet to overview what has actually happened and what will still happen.
It seems as if the only fact that is certain at the moment is, that it is a desaster – and it will cost a lot.

I just hope that this crisis will make people think, care and act about the environment more serious. I could now also write again something about cowboys and the Kioto Protocol – but maybe i skip that for now.

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PS 01:: Sign the Protocol, Mr. Scrub!
PS 02:: You may hunt down terrorists or not – but you can’t hunt down the weather!

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