some thoughts about the german elections

“..everyone’s a winner”..:)

First I was not so shure if I should really try to comment anything on Germany’s elections – but now it seems as if I’m already quite involved (e.g. with a project, which is documented in my portfolio) I’ll give it a try and post some thoughts about the current situation.. Well. Here we go..:

The first numbers are published – and it seems as if neither of the two “Dream Coalitions” can rule the country: neither the “red-green” coalition of Gerhard Schroeder’s centre-left Social Democrats Party (SPD) and the Green Party, nor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) together with the Free Democrats Party (FDP) got enough votes to form a government.

So theoretically one of the following four scenarious would still be possible:

1) the “Great Coalition”
..between Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Schroeder’s centre-left Social Democrats Party (SPD)

2) the “Traffic Light”
..between “red” (Social Democrats Party SPD), “yellow” (Free Democrats FDP) and “green” (the Green Party)

3) the “black-yellow-green” coalition
..because of the colors it’s also sometimes called the “Jamaikan Coalition”..: between “black” (Christian Democrats CDU/CSU), “yellow” (Free Democrats FDP) and “green” (the Green Party)

4) the “red-red” coalition
..between the Social Democrats Party SPD and the left-wing “PDS/Linke”

At the very moment neither of the four scenarions seems to be possible – or let’s rather say “wanted”. At least if you listen to what “they” say on TV..:) be continued..

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