love’n’hate 2.0: Adblock vs. Adsense

..what if everybody..? ..what if everybody not only used Firefox as a browser – but also combined it with Wladimir Palant’s free advertisement blocking plug-in ‘Adblock Plus’ ( ..would there just be less ugly blinking ads on my screen and your monitor and on his and her and their internet browsing experience..? ..or would there be also less motivation for publishers to publish useful information online..? ..would there be less crap online..? ..fewer weblogs..? ..less growth..?
To sum it up: has ‘Adblock Plus’ the potential to bring the Empires of E-Marketing down to their financial knees..? ..might this the end of the free world wide web as we know it..?

At this point I’d like to freely quote from H.P.Baxter’s Scooter’s current hit single:
“The Question is: What is the Question?!”
..or in my words: “The problem is: What is the Problem?!”
Well.. Currently there seems to be a lot of discussion going on about moneteasing äh- monetization – or actually about the possible future problems of making money online by publishing ‘free’ content – which seems to be one of the sole reasons people publish things on the web anyways. Some people seem to be so bitter about this ‘problem’ that they started blocking Firefox – hoping to make Adsense-blocking visitors understand that advertisement is needed to cover the costs of free content.. Others seem to switch to in my opinion even worse/ more ‘evil’ advertisement techniques such as text-ads – text-links that are shown in the middle of a text – leaving the visitors of a website with no choice of ignoring or even blocking the ad since it ‘camouflages’ perfectly well..

Hm. I must say I am puzzled – but I’m sure we will sooner or later hear and read more about this subject – if not all weblogs went bankrupt too soon..:]

..happy browsing! t..

ps1: personally I honestly love ads..:] ..seriously! ..not only because I use them as a publisher to earn some server cost covering Euro-Dollars – but also as a visitor/user because I’m always curious about other people’s content relevant ads, their appearance.. – ..and yes: I do think that some people are going too far with their monetization techniques – and those ‘über-motivated’ might actually probably be partly the reason why nowadays people seem to prefer Adblock to Adsense. monetizers

ps2: conclusion: Adblock vs. Adsense 1:0

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