Happy New..

..Yeah! ..:]

I can’t believe, how seldomly I seem to be blogging on this page..! This shall change..! ..at least I thought it would be a great to try..:|

I would actually have enough good excuses for this grievance – but I don’t want to blame any of my projects for not taking the time for my projects.. – ..that would be just too much. Instead I’ll try to make things better – and write about this time problem.. which solves it already half-way.
This might sound a bit complicated, but I think it’ll work..:]

By the way: I write, post and blog also on other websites.. and one brand new (german) page is located at blog.zeit.de/design, a freshly started blog called Ding-Pong-Blog – a dialogue about the things and the design of the things of everyday life.

well.. greetz, t..

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