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some frequently answered questions ::

1) Yes, my first name is Till. No, I have not been to Tallin - yet - but i will.. seriously! ..sooner or later i'll go and see Tallin. Pictures will be posted on this very website.

2) "tillintallin" is a Finnish word and means something like ga-ga... a closer definition will come soooon...

3) tillintallin.net is my Permanent Personal Home Page Hypertext Preprocessor Playground. Might be a bit slippery every now and then. Please don't bug me if it bugs you..:]

4) You want a website like this..?! A Website that kicks like rocks..? Your personal online-portfolio..? An interactive showroom for your business..? A digital backstage for your Label..? An hyperactive Homezone, that tells people what's goin'on and about..? Alright, no problem, we'll figure that out - please feel free to get in contact.

5) My portfolio pops-up from here...

..and please feel free to link to tillintallin!

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..to whom it may concern..


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