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(dis'n'dat is also a nice record shop in the heart of Helsinki!)

my blinkies::

latest (sad) addition  -> STOP THAT TERROR AGAINST TERROR
# 5 :: Terror against Terror ....

#3 :: include "me.php"

#4 :: I can't get no Satisfaction

#1 :: I love Berlin

#2 :: Make Love - Not War

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>>> ten-finger-exercises - every pixel counts.
too much text based design isn't healthy for anyone. So i have these breaks, pushing pixels instead of coding, creating something 'real' instead of defining variable variables.

my robots::

fat bot slim


i was always dreamin of having a bot, that would cleap up my room and do the dishes - not very original, i know. maybe nowadays i would prefer a bot that could teach me how to play proper minigolf or so...

my dolls::

harajuku chanella doll

harajuku chanella
pierce peace piece doll

pierce peace piece

both dolls are mini-base edits from niinas toybox. You may also vote for the harajuku chanella in toybox's harajuku tribe contest if you think that i deserve it   (sorry, voting's over...)

>>> Ding Pong - Design Blog

my design blog 'ding pong' - where I occasionally write about this and that from the design fields of interest - like exhibitions, shows, whatever.. - ..currently only in german.


visit also this fine
   playground ::

>>> all my public pictures: bilderbook: pictures of Berlin, Finland, Japan, New York City, ..

My vast and still growing collection of pictures and panorama pictues, mostly from Finland, Berlin and Japan, but also some hundrets of pictures of New York City, Budapest, Venice...

You may navigate each and every Photo-Album through up to five different projectors, additionally every Photo can be sent by e-mail (e-card) or downloaded and used as a background/wallpaper on you your favourite mobile phone (176x144)..

and this rather new
   playground :::

degree-show.info (sorry, german only)

Kalender, Infoseiten und Linksammlung zum Design-Studium in Deutschland. Aktuelle Termine (Ausstellungen, Tag der offenen Tür, Vernissagen) sind tagesaktuell auf der Startseite zu finden, die Suche nach einem Design-Studienplatz wird über eine umfangreiche Linksammlung mit Links zu allen Hochschulen und Unis und ihren Design-Studiengängen und -Fachbereichen und erleichtert.


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