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blinkie-buttons overview:

Free Tibet !

Free Tibet !

"stop that terror against terror against terror"

include me php

"include me.php"
i cant get no satisfaction

"i cant get no satisfaction"

i love berlin

"I love Berlin"
make love - not war

"make love - not war"

You can adjust which button should be shown on the to right corner of tillintallin.net - so you can actually change the appearence and "leave a not" for the next visitor. Of course the next visitor can then again also change it....

Currently the 'interactive part' of the blinkies button page is deactivated. You may although feel free and download your favourite blinkie button, and/or post it on your homepage, your favourite forum, your social network profile page - or even send it by email around the world in a day. . Feel free, and do as you like. As long as you don't hurt anybody everything will be fine.


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